Paras Tea was established in the year 1988 with the vision of bringing fresh and authentic teas to every tea connoisseur in India.
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Industry: FMCG - Food

Despite having a strong local customer base, the company has struggled to reach a wider audience and increase online sales. In an effort to improve their online presence, the owners of Paras Tea approached Us for assistance.


We worked closely with the Paras Tea company to understand their brand, target audience, and goals for their online presence. We began by designing a new website for Paras Tea that was modern, user-friendly, and effectively showcased the various tea products that the company offers.

Social Media

In addition to the website design, We also implemented a social media marketing strategy to help promote the brand and drive traffic to the website. This included creating and scheduling regular social media posts, engaging with followers, and running targeted social media ads.

Search engine optimization

Finally, We helped Paras Tea with search engine optimization (SEO) to improve the visibility of their website in search results. This involved conducting keyword research, optimizing the website's content and metadata, and building high-quality backlinks from other reputable websites.

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With the efforts of digital marketing, Paras Tea saw a significant increase in online sales and a broader reach for their brand. The company was able to tap into a new customer base and establish itself as a leading player in the tea industry.


We created a engaging social media posts with brand colours to build familiarity.
Showcased mentions, reviews and giveaways.


We leveraged different placement asset customization to run conversion campaigns, created different custom audience type to increase ROAS and retention.



Brand Reach


Increase in Sales


Increase in Website Traffic