Gold's Gym is a leading international chain of fitness centers that has been in business for over 50 years. Gold’s Gym in Naagarabhavi offers a wide range of fitness and wellness services to its members.
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Industry: Health and Fitness

Gold's Gym engaged Us to help improve the brand image of their stores and to enhance their social media presence. The main goals of the project were to increase brand awareness and loyalty among Gold's Gym members and to attract new customers to the gyms.

We began by conducting research on the brand, analyzing the competition, and surveying Gold's Gym members to better understand their needs and preferences. Based on this research, we developed a comprehensive branding strategy for the company.

One of the key elements of the strategy was to create a new visual identity for Gold's Gym that reflected the company's heritage and reputation as a leader in the fitness industry. We worked closely with the company to develop a visual style that was modern and sophisticated while still paying homage to the brand's history.


We also developed a comprehensive social media strategy for Gold's Gym. This included creating and managing accounts on major social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and producing engaging content that highlighted the company's services and the benefits of working out at Gold's Gym.

Finally, We closely monitored the performance of the social media accounts and website, gathering data on engagement, reach and conversion rate. Data was used to optimize and fine-tune the campaign to maximize results.


Overall, the project was successful in achieving its goals. The new branding and social media strategy helped to increase brand awareness and loyalty among Gold's Gym members, and attracted new customers to the gyms. The social media campaigns helped boost the company's online presence, and the events helped to increase engagement with members and the community.


We created a engaging social media posts with brand colours to build familiarity. Showcased company's services and the benefits of working out at Gold's Gym.


We leveraged different placement asset customization to run conversion campaigns, created different custom audience type to increase ROAS and retention.

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