The Bangalore headquartered company, a Behemoth in the furniture industry.
Web Application

Industry: Furniture

Berlynoak, a mid-sized furniture company, was struggling to manage and track enquires from their old website. They needed a more efficient solution that would allow them to process enquiries faster and with fewer errors.


We developed a custom web application for Berlynoak that streamlines the enquiries process from start to finish. Retail customers can now enquire directly through the application, which automatically updates Berlynoak's inventory and production schedules. The application also has the feature of adding products(Product Catalog), tracking franchise enquiries, collecting leads.

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The new web application has significantly improved Berlynoak's efficiency and accuracy. They are now able to process enquiries much faster and with fewer errors, which has helped them to increase their sales and customer satisfaction. In addition, the application has helped Berlynoak to reduce their reliance on manual processes and paperwork, freeing up time for their team to focus on other important tasks.


Leads captured within a month


Franchise Requests Captured


Increment in Website Traffic


Increment in Sales Revenue

The custom web application developed by our team has had a significant impact on Berlynoak's operations. It has streamlined their enquiry process, improved efficiency and accuracy, and helped them to increase sales and customer satisfaction. We are confident that this solution will continue to benefit Berlynoak for years to come.

Enjoying working Dynamic team, who understands Customer Needs and Delivers Impeccable Service. Kudos to Sunil and Santosh for driving the business as it's should be.
Mr.Goutham Thammaiah
Marketing Head